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G4S has a heritage of more than 100 years...

1901–1950: Our foundation in Denmark, our national growth, our first moves into overseas territories and the emergence of Securitas International…


  • Marius Hogrefe starts the guarding company Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt in Denmark.


  • Sophus Falck establishes Redningskorpset, an independent fire and rescue service.


  • Redningskorpset establishes the first automobile ambulance in Scandinavia.


  • Falck becomes a nationwide operator in Denmark.


  • The Philip-Sørensen family establishes Securitas AB in Sweden.


  • Night Watch Services (later Night Guards) starts up with four guards on bicycles.


  • The Philip-Sørensen family businesses are consolidated as Securitas International.

1951–1989: The emergence of Securicor and Group 4, changes in the role of the Philip-Sørensen family, and a partnership with British Telecom…


  • Night Guards becomes Securicor.


  • Securicor become a nationwide operator in the UK and expands into Africa and Asia.


  • Falck buys Zonen Redningskorps, an independent fire and rescue service in Denmark.


  • Securicor launches the Data Transit Service, a fleet of vans moving customers’ confidential payroll and banking details from central locations to regional offices.
  • Jørgen Philip-Sørensen is appointed managing director of his family’s UK businesses.


  • The Philip-Sørensen group of companies becomes Group 4 (Total Security).


  • Securicor Group Limited and Security Services Limited are listed on the London Stock Exchange.


  • Jørgen Philip-Sørensen takes responsibility for Group 4’s European activities, while his brother Sven Philip-Sørensen takes over Securitas AB in Sweden.
  • Securicor Chairman Peter Smith is awarded the OBE for services to the security industry.
  • Securicor and British Telecommunications plc form the Cellnet cellular network.


  • Falck is acquired by Baltica, a Danish insurance company; Lars Nørby Johansen is appointed Managing Director.

1990–1999: Falck becomes a listed company, Securicor becomes a plc and operations spread across Europe – and beyond…


  • Group 4 provides security services to government and private organisations in Hungary.
  • Securicor establishes its Custodial Services operations.


  • Baltica sells 55% of its shares in Falck.
  • Group 4 acquires businesses in Belgium and Turkey.
  • Group 4 begins managing the first privatised prison in the UK, at Wolds in Humberside.


  • Falck acquires the security business of ISS Securitas, to become Falck Securitas.
  • Group 4 acquires businesses in Austria and Canada.
  • Securicor Custodial Services wins the contract to run the London Metropolitan Court Escort and Custody services.


  • Group 4 establishes operations in the United Arab Emirates and the Ukraine.
  • All activities in Spain are sold to Securitas AB.


  • Falck is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.


  • Group 4 begins a joint venture with British Gas to provide meter-reading services in the UK, and establishes AccuRead.
  • Falck acquires businesses in Sweden and Norway.
  • Securicor becomes a single plc.


  • Securicor enters the US corrections market.
  • Securicor acquires the first Private Finance Initiative prison in the UK.


  • Securicor forms a joint venture with Deutsche Post, the German post office.
  • Falck acquires businesses in Germany, Poland and Estonia.
  • Group 4 starts activities in Bangladesh.


  • Falck acquires security businesses in the Netherlands and Lithuania.
  • Securicor sells its stake in Cellnet to British Telecommunications plc.

2000-2005: Continued mergers and acquisitions, Group 4 Falck is established and then Group 4 Securicor, the world’s second largest security provider...

  • Group 4 and Falck merge to become Group 4 Falck.
  • Group 4 Falck acquires security businesses in Germany, Austria, Finland, the Czech Republic, Norway and Hungary.
  • Securicor acquires businesses in Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia and the US.


  • Group 4 Falck acquires businesses in France and South Africa.


  • Group 4 Falck enters the US security market by acquiring The Wackenhut Corporation, the second largest security services company in the US.
  • Nick Buckles becomes Chief Executive of Securicor.


  • Securicor sells its distribution business to Deutsche Post.
  • Group 4 Falck sells its shares in Wackenhut Correction Corporation and Wackenhut Resources Inc.
  • Group 4 Falck’s security business merges with Securicor to create Group 4 Securicor in July 2004, and begins trading on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Group 4 Technology acquires a Danish intruder alarm business.
  • Group 4 Securicor’s UK Justice Services business wins three electronic monitoring contracts in England and Wales.
  • Group 4 Falck sells Global Solutions and lists its safety business (Falck A/S) on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.


  • Securicor Canada acquires Universal ATM Services.
  • Group 4 Securicor is officially launched in May 2005.
  • Lars Nørby Johansen is succeeded as Chief Executive by Nick Buckles.

2006–present: G4S becomes a global identity, makes yet more acquisitions and even sets its sights on Olympic gold…


  • The G4S brand identity is rolled out worldwide.
  • Wackenhut Services, Inc. wins a key fire protection and emergency response contract with NASA.
  • G4S wins Human Resources Excellence award for “Best Executive Development Programme”.
  • G4S acquires a 50% share in a guarding, alarms and cash services business in Mozambique.
  • Alf Duch-Pedersen succeeds Jorgen Philip-Sorensen, becoming Non Executive Chairman.
  • G4S announces sponsorship of Skandia Team GBR, backing Britain’s Olympic sailing bid in Beijing 2008 and London 2012.


  • G4S enters the FTSE 100 index of leading companies on the London Stock Exchange.
  • G4S makes acquisitions in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Mozambique.
  • G4S begins providing electronic monitoring equipment and services in New Zealand.
  • G4S 4teen, an innovative global sports development programme, is launched.


  • G4S acquires GSL, a leading provider of critical primary and support services and outsourced justice services.
  • G4S is selected as a support contractor for the US Department of Energy.
  • G4S acquires Armorgroup, a leading provider of defensive and protective services to national governments and international peace and security agencies.
  • G4S acquires RONCO Consulting Corporation, one of the world's premier humanitarian and commercial mine action, ordinance disposal and security companies.
  • A landmark agreement reached with UNI, the global union federation, on an Ethical Employment Partnership, driving improvements in employment standards across the security industry.


  • G4S aquires Secura Monde International Limited and Shiremoor International Engineering Limited, together, the UK’s leading specialist banknote and high security technical and commercial advisory companies.
  • G4S acquires All Star International, one of the premier facilities management and base operations support companies providing services to the US Government.
  • G4S acquires Adesta, US-based provider of integrated security systems and communication systems.
  • G4S acquires Hill & Associates Consultants Limited, Asia’s leading provider of specialist risk mitigation consulting services.


  • G4S appoints Clare Spottiswoode and Winnie Kin Wah Fok to the G4S Board as non-executive directors
  • G4S entered thriving Brazilian security market with acquisitions of Plantech and Instalarme
  • G4S acquired Skycom, a market leader in the African systems market


  • G4S appointed official security services provider for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • G4S awarded two prison contracts and three work programme regions in the UK